Carter Manufacturing Co. Inc

The One Stop Company you need for worry free production.
Services We Offer include:

Part Design Assistance

Let Carter Mfg. help you with your final part design. Our experienced engineers are here to assist with any design questions related to producing your part.

Tooling Design

Carters engineering dept. will design the dies and any secondary tooling that is needed to produce and/or assemble your final product.


Carters’ team of toolmakers will make your dies in house at our facility to the highest production standards. Tools are built using the highest quality materials and are designed specifically for producing your part. You can rest assured that your part will be able to be delivered to your specifications repeatedly for years to come.

Secondary Operations

Carter will do secondary operations such as deburring, countersinking, tapping or assembling of parts if required to deliver completely finished products to our customers

Heat Treating

If your part requires hardening let Carter handle it. We regularly supply heat treated parts when required.

Passivating, Plating & Finishing

Carter will take care of all passivating, plating or special finishing needs, just let us know what you require and leave the rest to us.

Special Packaging

Carter can package your product for delivery to your requirements.